This movie is awesome. I will start off by saying that. We finally have a good Wolverine movie, and by far the best X-Men movie we have yet. This isn’t a superhero movie, no. This is a great film, with depth, well-written character arcs, the feels, that just so happens to have a comic book character in it. If you haven’t guessed it yet, yes, i LOVE this movie.

Okay so Logan is essentially the last time we see Wolverine on the big screen (FOR NOW) and the last time Hugh Jackman is gonna play the character. And what better way to send both the character and the actor off on a high note than with the third installment in the Wolverine trilogy. This character was what made Jackman into a household name and he has played the character for almost a DECADE. With the first two solo Wolverine movies being utterly crap, this one turned out to be a surprise to a lot of people. I personally felt that it was going to be good, just from the looks of the trailer itself. And thank God, it was more than i could’ve ever asked for.


An aging Logan struggles with adamantium poisoning in his body that affects his healing factor, he hasn’t been able to heal as quick as he used to, evident from the scars on his body. This is not the nearly indestructible Wolverine that we’re so used to seeing. This one is weary and slow as we are shown when he gets into a fight in the opening scene. He works as a Chauffeur so he can take care of an ailing Professor Charles Xavier, whom he hides inside a large water tank due to his dementia and seizures which can kill anyone in his vicinity. Xavier may or may not have been the cause of the deaths of many mutants, especially the X-Men.

We are then introduced to Dafne Keen who plays Laura (Comic book fans will recognise her as X-23), who was the breakout star of this movie.  She gave a great performance as the runaway mutant and i hope we get to see more of her in the future.


Logan is then tasked to take Laura, along with Prof X, to the Canadian border, where she claims other runaway mutants will meet in a “mutant haven”, all while being hunted by the Reavers. With a broken-spirited Logan, who numbs both his physical and emotional pain with alcohol, who wants nothing to do with her or her problems, we see that deep down he still may have a heart as he is convinced by Charles to take care of Laura, and we get to see them develop a bond as the movie went on.

This is Hugh Jackman’s best performance as the character. He is so dedicated to playing the character right ever since the first X-Men movie. What a way to send off the character and the actor well with the ending that was so emotional and poignant. That’s the other thing: this movie will make you cry. Amidst the heart-racing action scenes, it has its quiet moments where we spend time with the characters and get to know them on a deeper level. And it’s all thanks to James Mangold’s directing and vision. This is a movie with a mixture of genres that was well blended together seamlessly – Western, roadtrip, escort/chase movie, for a moment you forget that this is a comic book movie. Patrick Stewart says goodbye to his role as Charles Xavier with a sweet and pleasant performance and we will truly miss both his and Jackman’s presence in future installments of the X-Men franchise.

Logan is without a doubt the best Marvel movie that rivals the best DC movie The Dark Knight. This is a movie you have to experience for yourself, a reminder that a superhero movie can have great storytelling without the explosions and giant laser beams shooting into the sky. Logan definitely set the bar higher in terms of how a comic book movie is presented and also as a film by itself. It reminded me the feeling of watching a great movie that invokes the emotions, leaving the cinema with that warm fuzzy feeling that i just saw one of the best films ever made and i can’t wait to watch it again. This is definitely in my top favourites. All i want to say is thank you Hugh Jackman for everything you’ve done with this character and for your dedication to make this not only your last Wolverine movie but also one of your best films.


Come on…let’s all agree that this is our Last of Us movie that we’ve always wanted.

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