It’s here! The trailer for the Power Rangers movie reboot! Watch it here first:

Looking like a cross between The Breakfast Club and…uh…Power Rangers…. This movie promises to be a Coming-of-Age story but also as a new entry to the Power Rangers franchise. When the show aired in 1993, it exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. Every early 90s kid watched and talked about the show, bought the toys (and if you had the toys, you were automatically the coolest), and wore the bootleg t-shirts (everyone and everything tried to cash in on the franchise back then, even trying to sell fake power ranger toys). I grew up with the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in the early 90s, so naturally, i was excited when they announced that they were making reboot movie based on MMPR.
Then they released the first photo of the Rangers in their suit, and i was like, myeah, okay it’s alright, it’s not too bad. I can get on board with that. It IS a reboot after all.


The suits have really grown on me too. Then they released the photo for Rita Repulsa, the big baddie of the movie (and from the series), played by Elizabeth Banks.


And i was like, okay, okay. I’m fine with this. Elizabeth Banks is a good actress. I think she can pull it off. (#Ritaisthegreenranger)

Then they released a couple more photos of Alpha, and the toys for Goldar and the Megazord. (Kinda early to release the toys before the movie is even out, don’t you think? Gotta make that money i guess.)


Oh God! Oh God, Alpha! What did they do to you? Why do you look like a cross between E.T. and a space monkey? What’s wrong with your eyes?


Argh! What is this dripping lump of golden mucus?! That supposed to be Goldar?!


Okay guys. It’s like you’re not even trying anymore.

To be fair, it is a reboot after all. I’m still giving the movie a chance. But after watching the new trailer, i gotta say the movie is looking good! Heisenberg as Zordon? I’m sold! Just listening to his voice booming in the background, i’m like what more can you ask for? The suits look good in the trailer too! Even the zords! Okay movie, don’t disappoint me now. MMPR was and still is near and dear to me. Hope you bring something new to the table but is respectful to the source material. 🙂


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