Logan Latest Trailer Just Dropped


They should probably just rename the movie The Last of Us that just happened to have Wolverine and X-23 in it. I’m still looking forward to this though! This might just be the best Wolverine movie we’ll get! (After the abysmal that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine.)


My One Sentence Review of 2016 Movies and TV Shows (sort of)


Deadpool: The Deadpool movie we wanted and got!

The Walking Dead S6 Finale: Aw come on BOOO!!

Batman V Superman: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?! -_-

Captain America Civil War: Marvel still reigns.

Game of Thrones S6: DAKINGINDANORF!!

Suicide Squad: All icing and no cake.

Ghostbusters Remake:Well guys at least you tried.

Zootopia: Surprised at how good it was!

Hush: Thank you for this movie!

Don’t Breathe: Thank you for this mov….ewww the guy tried to inseminate her with a syringe.

Ouija Origin of Evil: WAY better than the previous one!

Blair Witch: ENOUGH with the jumpscares already!

Stranger Things: WILLLLL!!!!!!

Dr. Strange: Tony Stark with Magic.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead S2: Still a good season for fans but i don’t get the ending.

Rogue One: One of the best Star Wars movie yet!

Assassin’s Creed: There will never be a good video game movie at this point.

Westworld: Never seen anything like it!

I probably have missed a couple but these were at the top of my head when i was writing the list. Looking forward to the great movies in 2017!