I’m still trying to figure out how to clean up my blog here but in the meantime, i wanna do this review!

Watch the trailer here first:

I am super hyped for this game! I have been ready since the time i finished the first game, and that was one of the best games i’ve ever played with compelling story and characters. I can vividly remember playing the The Last of Us at night (because that’s how you appreciate the insanely good graphics) and screaming from just the scares, and cursing from dying too many times.

Let’s talk about the trailer: First we see an all grown up Ellie singing an ominous song (probably a warning to her enemies she’s going to hunt and kill oooh she’s all grown up to be a super badass now!) and if you look closely you can see her sporting tattoos, this could be to cover up her bite marks since she can’t get infected due to her unique immunity to the virus, it would probably prompt other survivors to experiment on her to develop a cure. Do what you got to do to survive, Ellie. Secondly, she can play the guitar now. In the first game, Joel (the main character you play as) promised that he would teach her how to play the guitar, which now i guess he finally did!

Speaking of Joel, there is a theory going around that the “Joel” you see in the trailer is a hallucination of Ellie’s, meaning Joel is actually dead in the second game (Please no, i hope not!). But if it’s true, then i guess it would make sense why she’d be bent on “finding and killing them all” as she mentioned in the trailer. Also, it would make for a great story for the game. Personally i hope Joel is alive and we get to see him again.

Just like the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog can do no wrong. I’m ready for more nights of shooting infected heads and more screaming from all the scares (And the cursings.  Don’t forget the cursings). 😀


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