Finally decided to start a new blog. I used to write a lot.I had a different blog site that is now dead and when i was growing up i used to write in my own personal journal to chronicle my daily life events. Here i’d probably write about anything and everything that i feel would be interesting at the moment. Maybe my music journey, or my personal life, or even geeky stuff like movies, tv shows, cause i’m a supergeek and if you’re into all that then maybe this site might be worth following : )

First off, a short introduction about myself: My name is Hidayat, and apparently sometimes people can’t pronounce it well so it’s fine to just call me Din. I’m an aspiring Singer-Songwriter from Singapore and no i haven’t “made it” locally haha. It doesn’t bother me but i continue to pursue my goal of having my own EP (which may or may not be in the works). I love all things nerdy like books, movie stuff, video games, tv shows so i will be writing reviews on those too because i’ve always wanted to write my own thoughts and opinions on certain movies or shows but never got to it.

I’m still new to this site so it may take awhile for me to familiarize myself with all the functionality of wordpress. For my first post, i thought i’d write about my recent performance for The Diarists.

I started to perform publicly in early 2013. In the beginning i was kinda nervous about it. So i decided to rope in my friend Chris Bong to play as an acoustic duo known as “Din and Bong”. He helped me to grow as a Musician and overcome my fear of performing. We only did open mics and small performances and never really progressed beyond that. One of the major platforms we kept going back to was The Diarists Sessions. I personally loved performing for the Diarists because they are always supportive of originals and will listen attentively to your songs. If you’re keen on performing for one of their monthly sessions click here for their facebook group: The Diarist Sessions Open Mic FB Group

Fast forward to 2016, Din and Bong went their separate ways; Chris with his band, Suasion, which i recommend you check out for some good music they recently released. As for myself i stopped performing this year simply because, i had no reason to. Sometimes, you gotta take a break to re-establish your aims and goals, i guess. But i got a feeling i’ll be back at it next year with some new material to promote so keep a lookout for that.

So about that recent performance.We were invited by The Diarists to perform and video a song that i used to perform at their open mics, which i’m glad it was well liked by the way. The performance called on several Diarists alumni to bid farewell to Perumal, a place where the fellow Diarists founders used to live for a couple of years. I’ll share the video once it’s out!


Thanks for having us. It’s always fun to hang with the Diarists peeps. : )

It kinda felt great to perform again and i have to say i quite miss it. I know my break isn’t for long because at the moment i’m working on my very own EP which i have always wanted to have since forever. Every year i would say, “maybe i’ll work on it next year”, and then next year comes and i’ll say the same thing. It’s either i’m not feeling ready for it or something else just comes up. But this year, i thought to myself, i should do it now, regardless of whether or not i’m ready. Yes it’s currently in the works so HOPEFULLY all goes well and i get to share it next year. : )

Thanks for reading my first post. Follow this blog because i’ll be writing a lot more soon. How about that Westworld finale? That’s one good show i wanna talk about. See you soon!



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