Best Movies of 2017

2017 is one of the best years for movies. Now that we have come to the end of the year, i’m gonna rank my top 5 best movies of 2017. I missed out on a lot of movies that i definitely have to catch up on (Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, etc) so I’m only counting the ones i actually bought a ticket for and watched in the movie theatre.

No. 5

Thor: Ragnarok


I had a blast with Thor: Ragnarok. This was such a breath of fresh air with the Thor movies. While the previous two was somewhat serious in its tone, Director Taika Waititi decided to just have fun with the third one and go all cosmic and colourful. This was definitely the best Thor movie and one of the most entertaining one (and funniest) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet and i can’t wait to watch this movie again.

No. 4

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

GOTG 2.jpg

Guardians ranked higher than Thor Ragnarok because i felt that it had a way deeper theme of Family. This movie gets you tear up at some parts but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Overall i had a great time with this movie and i can’t wait to see them make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.

No. 3



This was a really good Stephen King adaptation and a really good horror movie. Really, this movie is more about the kids coming together to fight an evil entity and less about Pennywise, which was brilliantly played by Bill Skarsgard. I say this a lot, modern horror movies don’t scare me easily but this one got me. Looking forward to its sequel.


Get Out

get out

Get Out was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and a major surprise to a lot of people. This movie was scary, suspenseful, it had social commentary and will constantly have you on the edge of your seat. Instantly became a top favourite on my list. If you haven’t watch this movie, do yourself a favour and go watch it.

No. 1


Logan poster

If The Dark Knight is DC’s best movie, Logan is Marvel’s equivalent. (Yes, Marvel, not Fox, seeing that Disney already bought Fox, so it’s official). I love this movie a lot. It’s not only my favourite movie of 2017, but one of my favourite movies of all time. This movie was a whole mixture of genre, it explored Logan’s relationship with his Daughter (or clone…whatever), it’s damn emotional at times and was a good sendoff for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. It’s meta in a way that the Superhero movies will go the way of the Western and will eventually have to end, as famously quoted by Steven Spielberg. But personally, i don’t want the Superhero genre to go the way of the Western. If they can keep making good movies that just so happens to have a comic book character in it, i’m fine with it.

So those were my top 5 best movies of 2017. Again, this year had a lot of terrible movies, but also good ones too. I hope 2018 brings a whole new set of even better movies for me to look forward to. Okay i’m off to catch up on all the other great movies i’ve missed.

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I Met Sebastian Bach and LOUDNESS IN PERSON!!

Hey i haven’t been writing a lot due to work commitments but i finally found time to sit and write about the time i met one of my favourite singers in a Meet and Greet session.


I have waited a long time to see Sebastian Bach live. 10 years to be exact! I was 18 when i got my first Skid Row album “Slave to the Grind”, and i was blown away by Sebastian’s incredible singing. Needless to say it instantly became one of my favourite rock albums of all time. So naturally i was overjoyed when they announced that he was going to play in Singapore live for the first time. I was ready. I’ve been ready since the first time i heard Monkey Business on my CD player.

So they had a Meet and Greet session to go along with the concert but it costs an extra $300 more and i could only afford the ticket. I would’ve spent that extra dollars but I’ve been trying to save up for this project i’ve been working on, and i’ll reveal what it is once it’s done, so i had to pass on the meet and greet. I figured seeing him live was good enough for me.

Then just a few days before the concert day they had a contest on Facebook that you could win a pair of passes to meet Sebastian Bach and LOUDNESS, who were going to be the guest band for the concert. All you had to do was to like the post, share and comment to participate. Lo and behold, i never thought i would be this lucky, but i got in. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wait to meet Sebastian Bach in person. 🙂

18 Oct 2017

So the day came. I went to Kallang Theatre with my Aunt who is the biggest Bach fan i know and we were directed to level 3 of the building and there were about 20 of us about to meet our music idol. We were ecstatic. I was nervous for some reason. I wondered what i was going to say to him and then after a few minutes of waiting, out of the curtains, the man himself, Sebastian Bach. We erupted in screams and cheers, he walked up to us and shook our hands, couldn’t believe it was really him! You know when you prepare a speech in your head for your heroes when you meet them? I was too starstruck i couldn’t find my words. But Sebastian was so friendly and chill (and TALL!). Best day of my whole entire life. I don’t know what else can top this.

Meeting LOUDNESS afterwards was amazing too! I never thought i’d be able to take a photo with Minoru and Akira but i did and that’s just mindblowing for me if i was still  that 18 year old who first listened to their music. Most of the fans brought CDs and Vinyls for LOUDNESS and Sebastian Bach to sign. I wished i brought mine too, but meeting them was enough for me. : )

How was the concert? Amazing. I had a lot of fun. But i think having a metal concert at Kallang Theatre was not a good idea. The sound was not as good, and allocated seatings for a metal concert? Nobody’s going to sit at a metal concert. In fact, as soon as the lights went out and LOUDNESS got on stage, a large crowd rushed towards the front to get closer to the band, as i had anticipated.

Here are a few photos from LAMC Productions of the Meet and Greet:

Thank you LAMC Productions for making this happen. Thank you to Sebastian Bach for being one of my inspirations to sing and just being an awesome guy. LOUDNESS you guys are legendary.

2017 has been a great year so far. Can’t wait to write my year end reflections, and also my not so secret project that will be a personal highlight for 2018. Until then. See you guys soon.

Logan Movie Review


This movie is awesome. I will start off by saying that. We finally have a good Wolverine movie, and by far the best X-Men movie we have yet. This isn’t a superhero movie, no. This is a great film, with depth, well-written character arcs, the feels, that just so happens to have a comic book character in it. If you haven’t guessed it yet, yes, i LOVE this movie.

Okay so Logan is essentially the last time we see Wolverine on the big screen (FOR NOW) and the last time Hugh Jackman is gonna play the character. And what better way to send both the character and the actor off on a high note than with the third installment in the Wolverine trilogy. This character was what made Jackman into a household name and he has played the character for almost a DECADE. With the first two solo Wolverine movies being utterly crap, this one turned out to be a surprise to a lot of people. I personally felt that it was going to be good, just from the looks of the trailer itself. And thank God, it was more than i could’ve ever asked for.


An aging Logan struggles with adamantium poisoning in his body that affects his healing factor, he hasn’t been able to heal as quick as he used to, evident from the scars on his body. This is not the nearly indestructible Wolverine that we’re so used to seeing. This one is weary and slow as we are shown when he gets into a fight in the opening scene. He works as a Chauffeur so he can take care of an ailing Professor Charles Xavier, whom he hides inside a large water tank due to his dementia and seizures which can kill anyone in his vicinity. Xavier may or may not have been the cause of the deaths of many mutants, especially the X-Men.

We are then introduced to Dafne Keen who plays Laura (Comic book fans will recognise her as X-23), who was the breakout star of this movie.  She gave a great performance as the runaway mutant and i hope we get to see more of her in the future.


Logan is then tasked to take Laura, along with Prof X, to the Canadian border, where she claims other runaway mutants will meet in a “mutant haven”, all while being hunted by the Reavers. With a broken-spirited Logan, who numbs both his physical and emotional pain with alcohol, who wants nothing to do with her or her problems, we see that deep down he still may have a heart as he is convinced by Charles to take care of Laura, and we get to see them develop a bond as the movie went on.

This is Hugh Jackman’s best performance as the character. He is so dedicated to playing the character right ever since the first X-Men movie. What a way to send off the character and the actor well with the ending that was so emotional and poignant. That’s the other thing: this movie will make you cry. Amidst the heart-racing action scenes, it has its quiet moments where we spend time with the characters and get to know them on a deeper level. And it’s all thanks to James Mangold’s directing and vision. This is a movie with a mixture of genres that was well blended together seamlessly – Western, roadtrip, escort/chase movie, for a moment you forget that this is a comic book movie. Patrick Stewart says goodbye to his role as Charles Xavier with a sweet and pleasant performance and we will truly miss both his and Jackman’s presence in future installments of the X-Men franchise.

Logan is without a doubt the best Marvel movie that rivals the best DC movie The Dark Knight. This is a movie you have to experience for yourself, a reminder that a superhero movie can have great storytelling without the explosions and giant laser beams shooting into the sky. Logan definitely set the bar higher in terms of how a comic book movie is presented and also as a film by itself. It reminded me the feeling of watching a great movie that invokes the emotions, leaving the cinema with that warm fuzzy feeling that i just saw one of the best films ever made and i can’t wait to watch it again. This is definitely in my top favourites. All i want to say is thank you Hugh Jackman for everything you’ve done with this character and for your dedication to make this not only your last Wolverine movie but also one of your best films.


Come on…let’s all agree that this is our Last of Us movie that we’ve always wanted.

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Guns N’ Roses: Not in This Lifetime Tour 25th Feb 2017 Live in Singapore


I haven’t been blogging much because i’ve been pretty busy. I’ve been meaning to blog about a lot of stuff so let’s get to it!

First up is seeing my Hard Rock Heroes Guns N’ Roses live when they came to Singapore in February. I first got introduced to GnR in my mid-teens and i instantly became a fan of their music. They were the reason why i wanted to learn the guitar in the first place; to learn how to play their songs! Back then, seeing a GnR reunion felt like it was never going to happen because of the feud between the original members so i never got my hopes up. The closest i got to seeing a GnR concert was the time Slash came to Singapore with Myles Kennedy as the Singer and they played GnR classics, i thought that was what it felt like if a reunion were to happen. But again, i didn’t put too much thought to it seeing that at that time when Slash was promoting his Solo album, Axl Rose was touring with his new incarnation of Guns N’ Roses.

Lo and behold, a Guns N’ Roses Reunion happened and i was super excited about it! More so when they announced a concert here in SG!

So the 25th of Feb came. My body was ready. I’ve BEEN ready for many years already! I got my ticket, got my GnR T-Shirt on, GnR songs in my playlist, made my way to Changi Exhibition Centre.

I went to the Merchandise Booth and pretended to browse through the stuff they got displayed, because i couldn’t afford any of those, i mean, $50 for a T-Shirt?! I can get $20 for a Gnr T-Shirt at Peninsula! I’ve already spent too much on this ticket, which costs me $300. Food and drinks there were no exception so i skipped those too. Past experiences have taught me to have my lunch at home. The queues for the booths can get crazy long so i thought it best to get to the concert venue early to get a good view.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown was playing and they were good! I liked their music which sounded like the old school type of Rock that you don’t get a lot these days. I’ve followed them on their FB page and am going to check out more of their music pretty soon.

Wolfmother played later as the 2nd opening band. They were great too but their music didn’t resonate as well as TBATS did with me. I’m sure there were a lot of Wolfmother fans there that were happy to see them live based on the cheers when they played their songs.

So night came, the main event was about to start, the lights were dimmed, i was squashed in the crowd, just wanted them to get on stage already…where were they?

And then they came on with “It’s So Easy” and i just lost it. It was unbelievable. I saw Axl, Slash and Duff on stage live i was smiling from ear to ear. Axl sounded so damn good! Slash was legendary as always. The whole band was tight! All that waiting and sweating under the heat didn’t matter when they got on stage.


For obvious reasons, Axl can longer able to do the snake dance as fluid as he could in his younger days lol.

I think i was that crazy, super hardcore fan that knew and sang to like 99% of their songs. It felt like a dream come true to see my favourite band playing the classic GnR songs like November Rain, Welcome to the Jungle and my personal favourite Nightrain. It was simply amazing. Everyone sang along to the songs, i got excited when they actually played some from the Chinese Democracy album (don’t hate, there’s some good stuff in that album too. I like to see it as an Axl Rose Solo album), what a night it was. I only wished they had played Don’t Cry, because that was the very first song i learned on the guitar, but despite that it still was a great setlist and i’m just glad they decided to reunite (albeit without Izzy and Adler) and perform here in Singapore.


Thank you Guns N’ Roses, for your Music and an awesome night i’ll never forget.

16903375_10155045323429556_4017821117812057677_o.jpgCheck it out. I’ve seen most of my favourite bands live and now even GnR. If it’s not too much to ask, Universe, can i get to see Helloween, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Disturbed live too? 😀

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I’ll Never Stop (NSYNC Cover) – Nur Din Hidayat


Here is my cover of an NSYNC song! Hope you guys like it! Like, Share and Subscribe if you do! I’m looking downwards in the video a lot because i was reading the chords for the song. Didn’t realise the camera didn’t even get my guitar so shouldn’t have thought too much on playing the chords right for the video lol.

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Split (Movie Review and Ending Explained)


Split is a horror thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan and stars Anya Taylor-Joy (Casey) and James McAvoy (Kevin) about a man with 23 different personalities living inside of him and one of them has kidnapped three teenage girls in his basement, leaving them with a few days to escape before Kevin decides he’s done with them.

First Thing’s First

With this being yet another Shyamalan movie, we all wanted to know: Is this movie any good? Or is this another trainwreck like The Happening? I have nothing against Shyamalan. I LOVED The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable and going in i was really hoping this movie to be good. There was a time in the late 90s and early 2000s where he was touted as the next Spielberg and the Director to look out for. Something went wrong halfway i guess and his recent movies weren’t as good as expected. He seems like a nice guy and i think we just want him to start making good movies again.

So…How’s The Movie?

This movie is good. I am SO GLAD i get to say that! The Visit was alright but this. THIS is Shyamalan’s comeback movie and a return to form. It proofs that when it’s a small scale movie and not a big budgeted summer blockbuster Shyamalan does it so well. The movie really makes you want to know how everything turns out and whether the three girls make it out alive. Yeah it’s a Shyamalan movie so you know it may feel like a slow burn but as evident in his movies (The good ones at least) it will definitely pay off by the third act. It’s also a Shyamalan movie if you care about the main characters but the side characters are just bleh.

I have to say, James McAvoy, he gives everything in his role here. He plays a character with multiple personalities and he does it SO well. I’m not even kidding he went all out with this role (roles? haha) and was SO good in it. Whenever the movie felt like it might be going the snore route he grips you and pulls you back in with his scenes. They were ranging from funny when he played a child (named Hedwig), to downright terrifying (when he played Dennis).

And this movie can be scary at times. Like when Anya Taylor-joy, who by the way, excellent performance from her too, was running away from Dennis, i was actually afraid for her. And i’m not one to be easily scared by modern horror movies. The setting and cinematography did elevate the claustrophobic and sense of dread with the tightly shot hallways and dimly lit scenes.

Yes there is a twist

Throughout the movie i was looking for clues as to what the twist might be, because you know, it’s a Shyamalan movie. For a while i actually thought i had it figured out and knew what the hell was going on but when it was revealed i went, “ahhh now it makes sense!” and i went out of the movie hall smiling to myself because Shyamalan succeeded in giving us a twist that no one saw coming and it’s a big deal considering he hasn’t been able to pull one off since The Sixth Sense, and the movie got twice as better once you figure out what it meant.

All in all, Split is a great movie and a great comeback for M Night Shyamalan. Definitely gets a recommendation from me. I give this movie a “You’re forgiven for making The Last Airbender” / 10 .

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Twist Ending Explained

My One Sentence Review of 2016 Movies and TV Shows (sort of)


Deadpool: The Deadpool movie we wanted and got!

The Walking Dead S6 Finale: Aw come on BOOO!!

Batman V Superman: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?! -_-

Captain America Civil War: Marvel still reigns.

Game of Thrones S6: DAKINGINDANORF!!

Suicide Squad: All icing and no cake.

Ghostbusters Remake:Well guys at least you tried.

Zootopia: Surprised at how good it was!

Hush: Thank you for this movie!

Don’t Breathe: Thank you for this mov….ewww the guy tried to inseminate her with a syringe.

Ouija Origin of Evil: WAY better than the previous one!

Blair Witch: ENOUGH with the jumpscares already!

Stranger Things: WILLLLL!!!!!!

Dr. Strange: Tony Stark with Magic.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead S2: Still a good season for fans but i don’t get the ending.

Rogue One: One of the best Star Wars movie yet!

Assassin’s Creed: There will never be a good video game movie at this point.

Westworld: Never seen anything like it!

I probably have missed a couple but these were at the top of my head when i was writing the list. Looking forward to the great movies in 2017!